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Automation, Digital Transformation (DX), Embedded Solution Services, Finance, Human Resource, iPaaS & IT, Marketing, Sales

About Dispatch Integration

Dispatch Integration specializes in building intelligent, secure, reliable, and scalable cloud data integration and workflow automation solutions that maximize the value of your mission-critical systems. Enterprises have invested heavily in modern, cloud-centric application ecosystems. However, they often find the value of these systems is impaired by incomplete, unreliable, or non-secure integrations. Our goal is to design, develop and implement solutions that deliver outstanding business value. The most exciting part of our work is helping our clients discover ways to achieve greater efficiency, improve employee and customer experiences, and gain competitive advantages that help grow revenue and profitability. We have worked with companies across several industries and ranging from emerging start-ups to global enterprises. Our areas of expertise include: - tackling HR integration and automation problems, - designing low-maintenance Workato governance models, and - developing scalable OEM solutions. If you are an HR leader, we know that figuring out how to integrate your HR systems and create automated workflows can be challenging and frustrating. We collaborate with our clients to deliver flexible and agile HR workflow automation solutions. If you are a part of a growing digital product or service company, we recognize that properly supporting an integration ecosystem is just as important as completing the initial development process. We provide strategic guidance around proper integration maintenance practices that allow organizations to achieve scale without impacting quality. Creating an integration strategy for your product can be daunting with the proliferation of SaaS applications in the market. We develop and implement integration strategies that reduce development overhead and allow companies to focus on their core competencies. Workflow automation projects span across applications and functions and directly influence how people do their day-to-day jobs. To ensure success for these projects, Dispatch uses a proprietary project management method we call “DIVE™” which helps enterprises formulate and implement the right solutions for data integration challenges. Our DIVE project approach ensures our workflow automation design considers the needs of each stakeholder in a business process. It incorporates an agile development approach for speed and flexibility and includes robust test and validation methods so businesses can feel confident in every solution we build. Finally, we focus on empowering our clients to operate and maintain our solutions to maximize business value in the long term. To learn how Dispatch Integration can help accelerate and amplify the impact of your Workato projects, please reach out to us here.